Artist Statement

Robert R. Tribbie

The Paint is my tool.
I use it, work it, manipulate it, even caress it to achieve the forms, textures, spires and visual diversity necessary to create an individual work. With extensive diversity I fashion works for your visual and subconscious pleasure. I do not create sub-surfaces with anything and paint over it. The color may be up to two inches thick (sometimes more) but its solid color, not a painted over mosaic. I donít paint two of anything; though sometimes IĎll do a series, I donít do identical. I enjoy creating my own frames as well.

As it turns out I discovered that of all the things that can be performed with the hands, I relish using implements to apply means of color; to present a visual experience not yet experienced. I say implements because if the brushes, trowels, knives, drill bits, rotary blenders, and saw blades (to mention a few) that I use during my applications were my tools, what would the paint (color) be Ė just paint?

Iím an artist that primarily uses oils on canvas but I do not constrain myself to that sole endeavor.
I venture through any available realm of applying various types of colors to various backgrounds. From acrylics, waxes, inks, mixed media, even crayons and back to oils. I also use a wide variety of backgrounds to achieve what Iím looking for in a particular work; natural wood panels, various primed surfaces, glass, mirrors and back to canvas in various shapes and sizes.

I paint in my own style I call multiformity. Itís not a picture of "this" or something that looks like "that"; but more something in the range of what, where, when and how was this done with paint.

I paint.

From My Imagination; For Your Imagination.

Robert R. Tribbie

Robert R. Tribbie began life in 1958 as a military brat in Georgia as son of Robert Lee Tribbie and Dorothy Jean Bishop Tribbie. From there he moved to Virginia, and finally to West Virginia.
Robert graduated from George Washington High School in Charleston, WV. as a welder. After working for a short time he joined the Air Force and studied aircraft armament and military history.

After 15 years in the service, he rejoined the civilian population working as a heavy equipment operator, hazardous material technician, electrician and business owner before settling down in the WV. State Fire Marshal's Office in the Licensing and Regulatory Division. He is currently State Fire Marshal II.

Robert attended West Virginia State College. While studying at WVSC, Robert attended a lecture class by Mark Tobin Moore.

Although he grew up with art all around him - his mother, Dorothy Tribbie, was an artist, writer and musician - it wasn't until this class that Robert came into his own, studying with Mark and Hank Keeling outside the classroom. Robert enjoys a quiet life in Ravenswood, West Virginia. He has one son, Lee, 22.

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