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  • Ann L.
    Career Switcher Lake Bluff. IL
    Building in Product
    "As a career changer, Clicked has given me a closer look into the different tech roles while helping me to build my skills."
  • Eden V.
    High School Student Seattle, Wa
    Exploring New Careers
    "I’m a senior in high school just about to enter college, so Clicked is super helpful in showing me potential career pathways to make everything less confusing"
  • Olimpia C.
    College Student Vancouver, BC, CA
    Exploring New Skills Building in Marketing
    "As a graduating marketing student, Clicked provides a platform for me to practice, learn and try skills that will help me grow as a person and gain experience in my career."
  • Khalid S
    College Graduate Vancouver, BC, CA
    Building in Marketing
    "Clicked gives me the opportunity to build on new skillsets, work with industry professionals globally, and improve my career strategy through focused, community-based experiences"
  • Ian R.
    Bootcamp Graduate Seattle, WA
    Building in UX/UI
    "I have a better feeling and stronger understanding of my new career path thanks to Clicked's resources and experiences run by real industry professionals."
  • John S.
    Early Career Professional San Francisco
    Building in Product
    "Clicked has helped me reinforce my knowledge on product management with their exercises across a variety of skills, helping raise my confidence level and expertise in Product."
  • RK Wiggins
    Changing careers from education to UX Seattle, WA
    Building in UX
    "As someone switching careers from Education to UX, it is critical to my success that I continue to learn and sharpen my new skillset. Clicked has been the perfect platform and community where I can practice my skills, gain experience and seek relevant and useful feedback from others."

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We believe that everyone should have access to real-world, hands-on learning experiences and career-building mentorship to find and pursue their passion.

We’ve built a free platform to make career exploration and skill acquisition friendly, accessible and easy-to-understand for beginners and masters alike.

Active Learning Network™

See some examples of the experiences you can join to explore and develop your skills through our Active Learning Network™.
Personas for Peloton
Who are the users that will make up Peloton’s future 100-million subscriber...
Experience Type
Skills Challenge
Canva Features for Teachers
Explore how Canva can tailor its tools to teachers. Canva makes graphic design...
UI/UX Marketing Product Management
Experience Type
Group Case Study
Competitive Analysis for Instagram
It’s no secret that TikTok took the social media market by storm. Though Instag...
Competitive Analysis
Experience Type
Skill Builder
User Research for Duolingo
Since 2012, Duolingo has offered its users a fun, interactive, and easy wa...
Exploring Practicing
Experience Type
Skills Challenge
A/B Testing for Depop
While Depop is disrupting the segment for unique fashion by being part soci...
Exploring Practicing
Experience Type
Solo Challenge
Interaction Design for Duolingo
Since 2012, Duolingo has offered its users a fun, interactive, and easy wa...
Experience Type
Skills Challenge
Product Roadmapping for Google Slides
Google Workspace (previously G Suite) is planning their 2021H2...
Practicing Building
Experience Type
Skills Challenge
UX/UI Design for Duolingo
Despite Duolingo being one of the top language learning apps, it is probab...
Experience Type
Group Case Study
Netflix for 65+ Case Study
Seniors might want to Netflix and chill too. With a lot more time on their...
Experience Type
Group Case Study
Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy for H&M
H&M is looking to introduce their new Spring collection and would like a...
Practicing Building
Experience Type
Solo Challenge

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Clicked coaches are here to help guide your career by aiding in simulations, providing training, and offering advice. Our coaches work across industries and job categories at some of the most exciting companies in the world.

Ed Delgado
Director of Sourcing
"Clicked offers career seekers an opportunity to get hands-on experience through their expert coaches and increase their ability to find and pursue a career."

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Clicked partners with some of the biggest online learning companies to help our learners get the foundations they need to get them ready for Clicked experiences. We are independent, and choose curriculum that best fits our users personal needs.

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