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  • Ann L.
    Career Switcher Lake Bluff. IL
    Building in Product
    "As a career changer, Clicked has given me a closer look into the different tech roles while helping me to build my skills."
  • Eden V.
    High School Student Seattle, Wa
    Exploring New Careers
    "I’m a senior in high school just about to enter college, so Clicked is super helpful in showing me potential career pathways to make everything less confusing"
  • Olimpia C.
    College Student Vancouver, BC, CA
    Exploring New Skills
    Building in Marketing
    "As a graduating marketing student, Clicked provides a platform for me to practice, learn and try skills that will help me grow as a person and gain experience in my career."
  • Khalid S
    College Graduate Vancouver, BC, CA
    Building in Marketing
    "Clicked gives me the opportunity to build on new skillsets, work with industry professionals globally, and improve my career strategy through focused, community-based experiences"
  • Ian R.
    Bootcamp Graduate Seattle, WA
    Building in UX/UI
    "I have a better feeling and stronger understanding of my new career path thanks to Clicked's resources and experiences run by real industry professionals."
  • John S.
    Early Career Professional San Francisco
    Building in Product
    "Clicked has helped me reinforce my knowledge on product management with their exercises across a variety of skills, helping raise my confidence level and expertise in Product."
  • RK Wiggins
    Changing careers from education to UX Seattle, WA
    Building in UX
    "As someone switching careers from Education to UX, it is critical to my success that I continue to learn and sharpen my new skillset. Clicked has been the perfect platform and community where I can practice my skills, gain experience and seek relevant and useful feedback from others."