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We are dedicated to helping people discover, explore, and pursue a career they are passionate about. Clicked is a community of explorers, builders, and coaches united by a mission to make career experience accessible to all.
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Where Possibility Becomes Passion

Where Curiosity Becomes Discovery

Where Serious Work is Seriously Fun

Each member of the Clicked team has felt the pain caused by a lack of access to career experience and guidance. Whether transitioning to a new career or struggling to land that first job due to a lack of experience – we’ve been there.

Clicked was founded to enable anyone to explore their possibilities through access to hands-on learning experiences. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to prove they can do a job. Made for exploration and discovery, Clicked is where anyone can learn what they love through freely exploring their career possibilities.

Everyone has the right to a satisfying career.

Our Mission

Empowering People

Clicked gives everyone access to career experience on demand, so anyone can explore their career possibilities and discover the job that is right for them.

Empowering Companies

Clicked empowers talent pipelines by enabling companies to invest in talent early, build relationships with a diverse community of future candidates, and inspire passion for their brand.
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Our Future

Clicked is changing the way people find meaningful careers, by bridging the gap between candidates and employers.

“Clicked offered me a solution to gain experience in a simulated remote work environment that fosters growth, collaboration and mentorship that no other product has. This has raised confidence in my career journey and in myself.”

Olimpia C
Senior in College

Our Values

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Family & Health First

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Authenticity, Diversity, Uniqueness

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Passion for the Problem

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Have Fun!

Working at Clicked

At Clicked, we don’t just say that family and health come first. We put your health and family at the center of everything we do.


Fully Paid Health Coverage

PPO or HMO, whatever you like. We’ll cover the entire cost for you and your family members, so you don’t have to. Doggos too!


All of our employees get a monthly subscription to Calm or Headspace. We also provide work phones to help separate work life from family life.


Paid Family Leave

We strongly believe that time off work for parents should be a part of welcoming any new addition to the family. We're here for you and your little ones. You'll receive full pay while you take the time you need to settle into your new life.

Childcare Support

We’ll contribute $1,500 a month to cover childcare for children aged two or under. We are dedicated to helping you and your family during those early stages.


Our doggos are part of our families too, and those early days with your new nugget are crazy. Take a week off with full pay, so you and your new buddy can get to know each other properly.
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